Apple Guide

We grow these apple varieties …


Supermarket apples don’t always ripen on the tree, so you may have been missing the full flavor and special characteristics special to tree-ripened apples!

Some first time visitors are surprised at how unique each variety may be — varying in sweetness, color, tartness, and even texture.

We hope you enjoy selecting the perfect apples for pies, cobblers,
salads, and just plain great eating right off the tree!



This crisp apple blends sweetness and tartness just right for snacks and salads. Also great for baking, applesauce and for freezing.

This attractive apple is favored for cooking, cider and fresh-eating. It has a sweet-tart flavor. Its flesh is white and is very slow to brown, making it ideal for salads.

A tart but very flavorful, very crisp apple that stays hard for months in refrigeration. Empires are dark red in color and are great for eating or baking and the slices do not get to soft. Great for making caramel apples.

Slightly spicy flavor. Cream-colored flesh. This apple is firm, juicy and crisp. A favorite for fresh-eating, pies and applesauce.

One of our favorite eating apples after Christmas. The flavor gets stronger and is great for baking, although its slices will not get soft or release any juices. You might want to blend another apple like a Golden when baking. Fuji will easily stay very hard and extra sweet until taken out of refrigeration.

Gala has a wonderful super sweet flavor with crisp, firm, juicy flesh. Gala stores well for months in refrigeration. Gala is great for eating and baking because the slices do not cook down hardly at all.

Ginger Gold
Ginger Gold is crisp, sweet and juicy. This apple is a early season favorite. It may be the best of the early season fresh-eating apple.

Golden Delicious
Goldens are bright yellow and large in size. Goldens are great eating, applesauce and baking, while the slices keep their shape. Goldens and Jonathans combined make for a great pie. In storage this apple stays sweet, but tends to get soft, but not to soft to enjoy.

appleTree2Granny Smith
Granny Smith is one of the later varieties. With a firm, crisp texture, this dark green apple is an excellent choice for caramel apples. Its extreme tartness balances the sweetness of the caramel. Great for Salads and just plain eating. Time to PUCKER UP!

This is a solid green cooking apple. If you like a tart eating apple try the greening. Makes an excellent apple pie.

A newer variety that has everyone going wild over it. #1 eating apple. Honeycrisp has a very sweet flavor and is extra juicy. This apple has a nice crisp bite to it and stores for quite a long time.

Ida Red
Its crisp, very firm, white Flesh is tangy and juicy. This apple is good for eating and great for applesauce and baking. Ida is a cross between Wagener and Jonathan. This is a Good keeper when refrigerated.

A very large, sweet-tart flavor Crisp apple that is very juicy. The apple is pink and large in size. Jonagolds are great for eating, applesauce or baking. When baking the slices do get soft.

This apple is great for eating and cooking. It has a slightly tart flavor. This is a cross between a Jonathan and a McIntosh.

The Jonathan apple is pretty and popular. It works well for eating and cooking. Jonathans juicy flavor has a spicy tang that blends well with other apples.

McIntosh is a classic apple for eating out of hand. It is favored for its ultra-juicy white flesh, lightly tart flavor and excellent fresh apple aroma. This apple is great in salads. Best known for making applesauce and cider. Also great for baking pies.

Mollie Delicious
A large to very large attractive red apple. Mollie is mild and juicy. This is one of the earlier apples to come on.

redAppleMutsu also known as Crispin, is a wonderful eating apple. It has the perfect blend of tart and sweet with lots of juice and snap.  Great for eating and cooking.

Northern Spy
The Northern Spy is a baker’s dream. This tart apple is great for cooking and baking. It holds its shape and flavor in the oven. Although it is tart, many people like it for fresh-eating too. This apple will never win a contest for its beauty, but don’t let that put you off.

Paula Red
One of the earliest apples to be harvested. This apple has a pleasingly tart flavor and good aroma. The Paula Red is great in back-to-school lunches, or early season baking. Great for applesauce too.

Red Delicious
Most popular known apple is the Red Delicious. It is known for it sweet flavor and good looks. Its flesh is yellowish. Red Delicious is primarily a fresh-eating apple.

A beautiful red color apple with pure white flesh. The tart flavor is good for eating, applesauce or baking. In baking the slices get soft. Because of its beautiful white flesh, its slices do not brown as quickly as others.

The Rome is an old-time apple. It’s a large round apple with a mild, sweet flavor. Romes are used primarily for baking because they hold flavor and shape so well.

Winesap is the apple with old- fashioned flavor. It has a spicy almost wine-like flavor that makes it great for cider. Violet red in color, it’s great as a snack and in salads.

A good solid burley apple, with a sweet-tart taste and a hint of brown sugar flavoring.

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