Memories in the Wind

One of the farm’s newest attractions is also one of the oldest … our windmill!  Pumping water to the old homestead in the 1800’s and later providing water for the farm animals, the farm’s original windmill is once again an attraction on the farm.   

The windmill top you see today is the Aeromotor 702 model, as the story goes the top portion was replaced sometime in the 1900’s.   The windmill stands today in the same location it did well over 100 years ago.  The windmill set idle and broken in the field after it blew down in a winter storm 15 years ago.  In the spring of 2013 Scott had it fully restored and erected in the exact location that it once was and it is fully operational.  

Powered by the wind and pumping water from the old well to supply the pond and the waterfall.  It is a step back in time, to a day when life was at a slower pace, a ladle might be found by the pump for farm hands and neighbors to get an icy cold drink of water,  but also a step forward to today when wind and windmills of a different kind are becoming power sources.

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